Calling all non-native English speakers ready for ACCENT MASTERY!

Break Through Your Communication Barriers In Just a few hours:

Your Pronunciation Upgrade

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This is for you if...

Calling All Non-Native English Speakers!

Pronunciation is stopping you from winning clients.

you keep having to repeat yourself and are misunderstood.

you desire a new level of confidence in communication.

you want to elevate your credibility and authenticity.

our method has been scientifically Proven

With both professional and private clients we know exactly how to get you results.

it's not just what you say, but how you say it...

1. Our team leverages the artistry of music, the precision of linguistics, and effective teaching methods to create impactful solutions.

2. With our scientifically proven neuroscience-based method, you learn at a subconscious level.

3. With a 50% rate of customers coming back for more after our base courses, we are committed to delivering high-quality content.

4. DesignMe: discover how to articulate yourself better and impact the world around you. Click below to learn more"

before and after:


" Deborah is a fantastic teacher and I can wholeheartedly recommend the SpeechDesigner program. The course shows quick results - especially if you keep practising. And it's fun!"

- Michael

"I love Deborah’s method. It is based on neuroscience, which ensures an enjoyable, dynamic, and efficient learning journey. Through her technique, she managed to pinpoint exactly what I needed to improve."

- Aurélie

Ready to Achieve enhanced clarity and eliminate misunderstandings?

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3 benefits Why speechDesigner

Holds the key to more opportunities

#1 Cultural Adaptability

  • Accent training can enhance your ability to navigate diverse linguistic environments with ease.

#2 Career Advancement

  • Clear and confident communication positively impacts professional growth and opportunities.

#3 Better Teamwork

  • An improved accent and pronunciation can foster better connections with peers, colleagues and clients.

Inspiring, motivating, honest..



  • Join An Undisputed Community: We've built an amazing community. People from all walks of life - different ages, background, sizes. But they all share a common desire to be better and achieve their goals.  
  • Tailored Plans And Support: Our community epitomises support. Our network continues to grow and we ensure you are never alone on any programme. Group sessions, partner sessions and time with a dedicated personal trainer. Trust us when we say, you are not alone on your health journey. 
  • Commitment: We pride ourselves on ensuring you get the time, passion and commitment you expect. We understand each person has their own goals on their health journey and we will commit to you, ensuring your goals are achieved. You can guarantee this in abundance.
Is this a good fit for you? Read these...

frequently asked questions

Our 4 Step Journey:

here's Everything you receive when you apply

master the Sounds

Whether it's voiced or unvoiced consonants, single vowel sounds, or sliding vowels, we deliver with precision as we measure and refine your sound.

  • Benefit: A boost for your credibility.

  • Feature: Our SmartMotion method will help you retain the sound.

  • Habit: Marry your habits with the process of change.

Elevate your Flow

Mastering rhythm, melody, stress, and elasticity is crucial for sounding more like a native speaker - it will impact your overall performance and enhance your clarity.

  • Benefit: Harnessing flow can attract others and foster a sense of trust.

  • Feature: Our online sound bank for repetition and practise.

  • Habit: Embrace the power of consistency & make motivation a habit.

Impress Your Audience

DesignMe uses the DiSC test to help you recognise your strengths and weaknesses and optimise your communication for success with clients and team members.

  • Benefit: Understanding personalities can leverage success in business.

  • Feature: Soft-skills training for enhanced solutions.

  • Habit: Find your identity in your new accent.


We record your accent to customise your learning.


We use movement to help you learn at a subconscious level.


Our online sound-bank enables you to go over the material.


We use your habits as opportunities for you to learn.

about us

Learn more about your winning coaches.

Deborah, lead-Trainer For Modern RP

Born and raised in the UK, Deborah has a background in the disciplines of linguistics, music, teaching and tech. Her passion for different cultures is not just in the culinary sphere, but in helping people find their sound and voice.

"The art of communication is the language of leadership." - James Humes"


Lead-Trainer For Modern RP

@elliespeaks is a multi-faceted British-born actress, voice-over artist, writer and photographer and brings a wealth of experience to the team.

JR & Drew

Lead-Trainers For Mid-West American

Meet the dynamic trainers from the US. Their rich background in music, teaching and composition brings passion alongside their expertise.

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Commit To Yourself: Take action and get in contact.

Discovery Call: Schedule a personalised discovery call with our experts.

Tailored Program: Receive a customised accent and pronunciation training program.

Frequently asked questions.

All your questions answered so you can make the right decision before moving forward and applying!

What is included in a course?

✔️ Individual 1-1 Base Training: 6 hours coaching online

✔️ Group Base Training: 6 hours coaching online + community breakout room.

✔️ Customised app for three months. (Option to subscribe to continue using.)

✔️ Training, measurement and follow-up

✔️ Three tests to measure pronunciation before, during and approx. 3 months after the course

✔️ Digital workbook

✔️ Online Course Accompaniment with videos and exercises

✔️ Certificate upon completing the course

Who is it for?

The course is for anyone who wants a achieve a better English pronunciation (A1-C2). The course is both for individuals and for companies.

How many Courses Do you offer?

🗣️ Base Training: 6 hours

Base Training is our starter course for everyone and lays a foundation for pronunciation precision.

🗣️ Advanced Training: 6 or 12 hours

Upon completion of Base Training, we offer Advanced Training, which goes more in depth into the DesignMe process.

🗣️ Expert Training: 1 or more hours

Upon completion of Advanced Training, we offer one-off sessions for specific events like presentations or interviews.

How much does it cost?

Individual 1-1 Base Training: 849€ for 6x 1 hour sessions

Group Base Training: 6 hours

2-3 people: 649€ p.p.

4-5 people: 549€ p.p.

6+ people: 499€ p.p.

Please ask us about our special company rates.

Extra 1-1 Base Training Sessions may be purchased at an hourly rate for individuals of 99€ per session.

Courses must be fully paid to commence.

Upon completion of the above Base Training, we also offer Advanced Training, which explores the topics at a deeper level and is only offered 1-1. Following our Advanced Training, we offer Expert Training to help you prepare for specific presentations. Our current rates are 149€ for these 1-1 based sessions.

Do you Offer discounts?

Please contact us here if you are looking to purchase for your company:

Please contact us for our student discount.

Can I request a new Accent?

We are constantly looking to improve our portfolio and would love for you to submit your request here:

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